In Antarctica is melting a huge glacier: creates a humanity problem

In East Antarctica, a glacier that is melting with great speed. So, lump under the name of Thwaites is decreasing each year in the 800 meters

В Антарктиде тает огромный ледник: создаст человечеству проблемы

This became known thanks to the material scientists in the journal Science Aler.

Glacier responds to 4% for the global rise in sea level, is considerable. In the 1980s, the years Antarctica has lost about 40 billion tons of ice, today this figure has increased to 252 billion tons.

Experts are closely watching the five largest glaciers, which “create the weather” on our planet. Thwaites glacier, according to scientists, could be completely gone for half a century. In the end, the water level will rise by as much as 50 cm. This statement was made by Helen Seroussi from NASA.

В Антарктиде тает огромный ледник: создаст человечеству проблемы

Soon you reach the point of no return, when the amount of melting would be impossible. The climate will begin to change rapidly. According to preliminary forecasts of experts, not all animals and people have time to adapt to it.

Note that Antarctica includes 99% of all freshwater on the planet. These volumes never could have imagined.

Also earlier it was reported that with the help of satellite images, scientists were able to detect the outlines of a pyramid in Antarctica.

So, with the help of satellite cards for many years scientists are trying to find unexplored objects on the planet. Recently one of the satellites, a discovery was made in Antarctica. The pictures are visible enough shape of a pyramid. Some scholars argue that it may be much older than those already known today.

В Антарктиде тает огромный ледник: создаст человечеству проблемы

The alleged pyramid is hidden beneath the ice and snow, and therefore to explore it, to install origin, will be quite a difficult process. According to the archaeologist, Graham Milson, Nakhodka is located far from the routes and stations of people and excludes modern origin of the pyramid. He believes that the building may be even older than modern civilization.

The natural nature of the origin of this object eliminates the archaeologist. The scientist says that typically subglacial mountains in Antarctica are rather gentle nature, can not be said about the precise form of the pyramid was found.

В Антарктиде тает огромный ледник: создаст человечеству проблемы

According to archaeologists, the object under the ice can be even more of the Egyptian pyramids. In order to ascertain this fact it is necessary to organize research expedition to the region. But given the weather conditions, it can be very problematic. While it is not known when it is planned to continue the study of the found object.