In anticipation of the first snow on the roads of Toronto will drive the car with salt (PHOTO)

В преддверии первого снега по дорогам Торонто проедут машины с солью  (ФОТО)

In forecasting the likelihood of snow is getting higher and the city administration of Toronto has already initiated necessary measures for the prevention of icy conditions on the roads.

City hall announced on Twitter that on Tuesday evening, ramps, and bridges will be dusted with a salt mixture. This will be the first departure of the office machines in the campaign TO Winter Operations in the winter 2019/2020.

The hydrometeorological centre of Canada reported that tonight the temperature will fall to -2C, that given the cold wind will be felt as -7C, and then, on Wednesday evening, with a probability of 40%, we should expect torrential rain, rolling in the snow. According to the experts on Wednesday night chance of snow or rain will be 60%.

In some areas of the greater Toronto area over the past few days there has been a slight precipitation in the form of snow, but he immediately melted.

What can be said about cities like Barrie and Kitchener, where this week, before you melt, the earth still formed a small snow cover of several centimeters.

Drivers in Toronto are a reminder to keep a safe distance, moving behind cars with salt.