In any case, Smoking is especially dangerous

International Association for the study of lung cancer issued a statement about the importance of Smoking cessation after cancer diagnosis. Such cancer patients have a higher mortality rate and increased risk of re-development of malignant tumors.

В каком случае курение особенно опасно

The Committee IASLC Smoking has taken on this initiative to increase the involvement of doctors in tobacco control, said Dr Jacek Jassem from the medical University of gdańsk, Poland. According to him, for too long this problem has been ignored in the education of health workers.

“Many doctors still think that it’s too late to offer support Smoking cessation in the development of human cancer. Similarly, most patients believe that there is no need to struggle with addiction after diagnosis,” said Jacek Jassem.

The Declaration IFRS contains several recommendations: all cancer patients should be screened for tobacco use and receive advice on the benefits of Smoking cessation, is also included educational programs on how to cope with addiction.

It is noted, numerous studies have shown that Smoking not only aggravates the disease, and people who do not want to give up cigarettes, have a higher mortality rate with existing cancer. High probability that the cancer will return after successful treatment.