In April Ukraine’s international reserves grew by 3.1%

International reserves of Ukraine in April 2020 increased to 771 million dollars.

В апреле международные резервы Украины выросли на 3,1%

It is reported by Hvylya, citing data from the NBU.

According to the NBU, as of may 1, 2020, the international reserves amounted to 25 695,0 mln USD (equivalent). In April, they rose by 3.1%.

The regulator notes that the increase in international reserves contributed to the operations of the National Bank on management of reserves and the currency market. In April significantly decreased the speculative demand for currency, which was observed in March with the introduction of the quarantine. In this regard, the national currency strengthened positions and the national Bank was able to resume operations by building up international reserves. Net purchase of foreign currency by the National Bank in April was 678,8 million dollars. USA. Intervention purchase of foreign currency were carried out in separate days when the supply of currency was more demand and are generally made 723,3 million dollars. USA.

The national Bank reports that the increase in the volume of international reserves was influenced by the operation of the government public debt management. The servicing and repayment of public and publicly guaranteed debt in foreign currency was sent 303,9 million dollars. USA (equivalent). Of this amount of 128.6 million dollars. USA paid on bonds of internal state loan, another $ 78 million. USA — Eurobond, the remaining funds paid on other obligations to foreign creditors. These costs of reserves was partially offset by new revenues from the placement of government currency bonds for us $ 164,4 million. USA.

“The current volume of the international reserves cover 4.5 months of future imports, which is sufficient for fulfillment of Ukraine’s obligations and current operations of the government and the National Bank”, — said the NBU.