In Arkansas three year old girl died in a hot car while mom slept

3-year-old girl from Arkansas is dead and her 15-month-old sister is in critical condition after children found in hot car while their mother slept, writes the People.

В Арканзасе трехлетняя девочка умерла в раскаленной машине, пока мама спала

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Lacn Petchenik was declared dead at the hospital while her sister is in stable but critical condition.

According to a press release Arkansas police day on 20 July, the girls ‘ mother, 21-year-old Kaylee Petchenik, took a NAP. When she woke up around 2 PM, she discovered that her children were missing. She called the police.

“The police officer Bonville who answered the call, found that children’s unconscious lying on the floor in the rear of the car” — said in a press release.

“Lacn Petchenik was later pronounced dead in hospital in Boonville, — reported in a press release. Her body was taken to the Arkansas crime laboratory for an autopsy. Her 15-month-old sister remains in the hospital in little Rock. She’s in stable but critical condition.”

About how children Petchenik got in the car, no details. It is unclear if they went into the machine yourself.

Neighbor Matthew wood said that Kaylee Petchenik works at night and presumably took a NAP in the afternoon.

“She said she locked the door, and when she woke up, the door was opened, and the children disappeared,” said wood, adding that he was present when the officer found the girls unconscious.

“We looked down and saw them in the car, but I seemed frozen by the sight, said wood, the Officer opened the door, shouted something to the ambulance staff, grabbed the two girls and took them to the hospital.”

It is unclear whether presenting Kaylee Petchenik charges.

“Special agents of the criminal investigation Department of police in Arkansas are investigating and will forward the case to the Logan County Prosecutor’s office for consideration,” reads the statement of the authorities.

In 2020 Lacn became the eleventh victim of a hot car in the United States.


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