In Atlanta a dispute over a Parking spot ended with a deadly shootout

Struggle for a place in the Parking lot of a shopping center in Atlanta led to the shooting, which ended with the death of one person, reports USA Today.

В Атланте спор за место на парковке закончился смертельной перестрелкой

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As announced at a press conference in Atlanta, the Atlanta police major Andrew Center, several people went to the Mall and then out into the street — they got into a skirmish. According to police, during an argument one person was shot in the head.

The name of the man who was declared dead at the scene, do not call.

The four suspects left the Parking lot in his car, but according to the police, got into an accident. All four got out of the car and tried to escape, but managed only three — one man was detained and arrested by police. At the moment it is unclear whether this suspect is the shooter.

In a popular shopping center is the fourth shooting in just four months, reported local news Agency.

In December, shot and robbed the employee of shopping centre as she walked to her car in the garage.

In January, a police officer shot a man who refused to put his weapon on the Parking area. It is assumed that this person was trying to stop a robbery.

In February, a man was shot in the stomach when going to visit “previously organized the sale” at the Mall.