In Australia same-sex penguin couple has adopted a second egg

В Австралии однополая пара пингвинов усыновила второе яйцо

The first adopted son was hatched in October last year

In Australia, a pair of male penguins Sphene and magic, living in the Sydney aquarium, adopted the second egg. The newspaper Metro writes that they first hatched last year. On 19 October, their son Shinjiku was a year old.

The second egg they got from the neighboring pairs that laid two pieces.

According to employees of the zoo, Sphene and Magic created all conditions for upbringing of Chicks – they have the most beautiful nest in the colony. However, it is likely that Svendita did not appear brother or sister in the zoo are not sure whether a fertilized egg.

In August 2019, a similar case occurred in the Berlin zoo. Two male king penguins Skipper and king adopted egg, which threw the female.

Same-sex relationships among penguins is quite common. The most popular gay couple was the Antarctic penguins Roy and Silo from the Central Park zoo in new York. Their relationship in the 1990-ies was watched by the whole world.