In Australia she learned about her pregnancy on the day of birth

В Австралии девушка узнала о своей беременности в день родов

26-year-old Australian woman went to the hospital because of cramps and a few hours later gave birth to a son

Recently in Melbourne, Australia became aware of the incredible story of the birth of a baby whose mother found out about her pregnancy… day of birth! According to the Mirror, the 26-year-old Australian Katie Mason went to the hospital in connection with colic and found out that is at 35 weeks. After only a few hours on light there was a boy named Flynn with a weight of almost three pounds.

“Now, I have very important news! To my surprise, I’m pregnant… No joke! – written by Katie on the page in the Network. — I’m very excited and in shock, but I have a lot of support. This is my journey and my decision.” It turned out that the girl did not notice his interesting position, as she barely grew a belly, no morning sickness and had regular menstrual cycle. So Katie continued to play sports and do not limit themselves in bad habits.

After the baby is born, the Australian spoke about the son of a newly minted father, but he, alas, to take part in the upbringing of the child refused.

В Австралии девушка узнала о своей беременности в день родов