In Baghdad a curfew was imposed amid anti-government protests (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

В Багдаде введен комендантский час на фоне антиправительственных протестов (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

The Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abdul Mahdi announced the introduction of a curfew in Baghdad on the background of anti-government demonstrations, Reuters reports. The presence of civilians and vehicles in the streets of Baghdad will be completely prohibited from 05:00 on Thursday until further notice. The curfew does not apply to airport passengers, ambulances and clinicians, the scope of water and power and religious pilgrims.

Earlier restrictions imposed in the cities of Nasiriyah, al-Amara and al-Hilla after the outbreak of the October 1 protests against unemployment and corruption. The next day, the demonstrators demanded “the fall of the regime” and set fire to a number of party and government buildings. Against them, the police used tear gas, the major part of Iraq had blocked access to the Internet. The demonstrators are demanding better living conditions, solving problems in healthcare, education and in the labour market, the fight against corruption.

As reported Shafaq News, October 1, about 1.5 thousand demonstrators gathered in the square al-Tahrir, near the bridge, “al-Jumhuriyah”, which leads to a protected “green zone” of Baghdad, where are situated the government buildings and diplomatic missions. Iraqi security forces surrounded the demonstrators and dispersed them, using them against the hot water and tear gas, resulting in several protesters injured.

During the protests killed at least 12 people, 650 were injured. “During the protests killed 11 protesters and one security officer and injured 650 people, including 87 of the security forces”, – quotes Agency the head of the Commission Ali al-Bayati. According to him, was arrested 122 people, most of them already released.