In Belarus appeared first monument to the potato

В Беларуси появился первый памятник картофелю

The idea to immortalize the potato in our country for a long time.

A huge boulder with a commemorative table was placed in the Berezovsky district on the field, where almost 200 years ago, first began to plant potatoes, writes the “Brest newspaper”.

“Potatoes in these fields began to be cultivated as the culture of the local landowner Ignatius Semitam with the 1830-ies. Chernyakov (the first local commercial centre) is famous since 1632, was founded on this place as a manor Lev Sapieha“, — memorial tablet with this inscription was mounted on a boulder in a field up “Hell” in Berezovsky the area between the villages of Pawns and Chernyakov.

The locals immediately gave the name of the boulder under a big old lime — tree “monument Bulba”.

Physicist, historian, author of several historical books, the native of the village of Chernyakov Anatoly Gladyschukworking on a new edition of a small country, found: “the Potato was brought to the local experimental plots, sites, here began the active distribution of crops in the surrounding lands.”

Ethnographer helped the Director of UE “Hell” Nikolai Demidovich. With the help of economy to the lime tree in the field brought the boulder. Then there was made a plate.

By the way, this is the first memorable sign of potatoes in Belarus, although many foreigners associate our country with this vegetable. But there are two monument to the cucumber.

The idea to immortalize the potato in Belarus for a long time. 3 Dec 2005 in Pobediteley Avenue in Minsk expected the official unveiling of the “Bulba”. But something went wrong, and the idea remained unfulfilled. Further, the monument to the potato was supposed to put up for auction.

В Беларуси появился первый памятник картофелю

В Беларуси появился первый памятник картофелю