In British Columbia there was a major oil spill (PHOTOS)

В Британской Колумбии произошел крупный разлив нефти (ФОТО)

Nothing good when the truck gets into an accident, but even worse when a truck transporting crude oil. Unfortunately, this situation happened in British Columbia, where the accident of the tanker spilled crude oil and a major fire.

The accident occurred at 13:40 on November 16. According to the information service in the aftermath of the oil spill (Spill Response B. C.), the truck crossed the bridge over the river Pouce Coupe near Dawson Creek, where there was a collision. The transport was carrying 40,000 liters of crude oil.

The first on the scene arrived fire service Dawson Creek, the RCMP and officer response to environmental emergencies. By the time of their appearance is a big part of the truck was already in flames.

No details about what could be the cause of the accident was not reported. The truck driver was taken to hospital.

Officer environmental emergency situations has assessed the accident at the place. Later at the place of accident the technician will also assess the bridge to determine if it is safe. Currently the bridge is closed.

According to the report service British Columbia in the aftermath of the oil spill on the bridge there was an oil spill, and the river Pouce Coupe are “oil stains”.

The environmental contractor of Oakridge Environmental Engineering Inc. will “carry out sampling and to monitor the recovery”, according to information service of British Columbia in the aftermath of the oil spill.

Sorption Bon will be placed downstream to prevent the spread of leakage.

Currently, the preparatory work before evacuation of the truck from the bridge, and then begin clean-up actions.

In Canada recently there is much debate about oil in the country. After Greta Thunberg called for albert, a portrait of her, painted on the wall, was marred by supporters of the Pro-oil sentiment. At the climate March in Edmonton was also attended by representatives of groups advocating the use of gas and oil.

A similar situation occurred in Alberta in August when 40,000 liters of oil spilled near a source of water supply of Edmonton.