In Bromont, we walk and ride in the mountains

À Bromont, we walk and ride in the mountains


I knew Bromont when there was an outdoor base at the location of the Balnea Spa at the foot of Mont Gale. With no signage and no mapped network, we were always going on the same trails, but over the past few years that has all changed. For the better. 

Bromont has become a destination of choice for hiking and mountain biking. Parc des Sommets and Bromont, montagne d’experience (the ski resort) together include approximately 200 km of marked trails. This is exceptional. And then it is easily accessible by the A-10. 

With the erection of the reception pavilion in the Parc des Sommets and the opening of new trails, the metamorphosis continues. 

The new reception pavilion at Parc des Sommets.

Parc des Sommets

A new intermediate-level hiking trail has just opened: the Panorama. Departing from P7 (parking lot), the 1.5 km linear route leads to the Spruce Mountain lookout. 

By mountain bike, the Slinky, a new 2 km downhill trail departs from Mount Spruce and travels to P7. Level: intermediate.

At the reception pavilion, where mountain bikes are rented, a practice area made up of bridges, logs and slopes has been set up. For those who are more or less familiar with this activity, it gives an idea of ​​the trails you can take while being comfortable.

Panorama at an altitude of 400 meters from Brome, at the ski station. In the background, Mount Shefford.

Bromont, mountain of experience

At the ski resort too, a new hiking trail has been added. This is the Toronto, a linear route of almost 2 km of intermediate level. The start is from Versant du Lac. 

This is also where the new mountain bike base camp is located. All the services are there: the ticket office, a rental center, a repair shop, a food truck as well as an area with tables and shelters. 

Four ski lifts take cyclists. Walkers still have access to one of them, the Express du Village, including chairlift and gondola. Once at the top, a stop is a must to contemplate the view.


  • Sentiers de walking and mountain biking: approximately 200 km
  • Pass: preferably online
  • Dogs: allowed on a leash on the hiking trails except in the Lac Gale sector
  • Mountain bikes for rent
  • Activities in Bromont, mountain experience (until October 10): chairlift or gondola ride, inflatable game, mountain sled, trampo-bungee, climbing wall, disc golf, bird show of prey


Organic orchard in Châteauguay

It's time to pick apples on Île Saint-Bernard. 

Managed by Héritage Saint-Bernard, the orchard offers fifteen varieties. A shuttle provides transportation from a satellite parking lot. 


Destination Mont Rigaud

The ski mountain is accessible for a hike or a picnic, at a cost of $5 per person. Dogs on leash allowed. A 5 km obstacle course challenges runners.