In Bulgaria, the fire at the Armory, ‘Dunarit’ evacuate villagers (PHOTOS)

В Болгарии из-за пожара на оружейном заводе 'Дунарит' эвакуируют жителей сел (ФОТО)

At the Armory, “Dunarit” in Bulgaria there was a fire, there is a threat of distribution of fire and explosion. This was stated by the TV channel BTV Plamen Stoilov – mayor of Ruse city, next to which the enterprise is located. According to the official, conducted the evacuation of the villages located in the vicinity of the plant.

As the head of the main Directorate “Fire safety and population protection” of the interior Ministry, Nikolai Nikolov, the signal about the fire was received at 10.56, there was no explosion. The employees of the facility were evacuated, information about the dead and injured there. At the scene working staff under the leadership of the Governor.

The owner of the arms factory “Dunarit” Emilian Hebrew told Bulgarian national television that the incident “was immediately involved in the system of evacuation and all the workers were withdrawn from the territory of the enterprise.” “No one was hurt. We currently expect that the fire will go out, but in any case, in accordance with the instruction no earlier than 24 hours, the scene will not do,” explained Hebrew.

The businessman said that preparing for aerial reconnaissance using UAVs to accurately estimate the size of the fire in warehouses where stored explosives are far away from the burning shop. The owner of the factory suggested that if the fire and initiates detonation, it will only lead to damage.

The fire originated in the shop for the production of TNT at the Armory “Dunarit”, which produces aircraft, artillery and engineering ammunition, as well as antihail rockets and industrial explosives. At the scene are firefighters, police and ambulance.