In California, a large black bear wandered into a residential area

In a residential area, California, locals began to notice the bear, sometimes he was seen near the elementary school. February 21 morning, he was put to sleep with tranquilizers, but until then, passers-by managed to get him on camera in their mobile phones. They tried to approach a bear as closely as possible, writes Fox News.

В Калифорнии большой черный медведь забрёл в жилой район

Photo: Depositphotos

A large black bear was spotted on North Mayflower Avenue in Monrovia, about 2:30 a.m. local time. At some point he became interested in the two dogs barking for him the gate, but eventually lost interest.

In the video, filmed by passers-by, is seen as the bear casually walked the streets, apparently in search of food. One local reporter said on Friday on the street making trash cans.

Users of social networks hastened to warn those who come too close to the bear that it is not necessary to do this.

“Hey, genius, get away from the bear. You can zoom in with the camera. Do not approach him. Don’t stand in front of him. The bear, probably confused and doesn’t want the fuss. If a bear feels threatened, it may attack, and kill,” wrote one Twitter user.

Earlier, on February 21, Tim Daley, a representative of the California Department of fish and wildlife, said that the workers will first try to drive the bear back where he came from.

But later the bear was sedated with tranquilizers and sent back to his natural habitat.

According to the California Department of fish and wildlife, the population of black bears in California is from 30 000 to 40 000 individuals.




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