In California, all beaches and parks will be closed for quarantine: when the decision will come into force

Governor of California Gavin Newsom intends to close all the parks and beaches of the region, beginning may 1, according to CNN.

В Калифорнии все пляжи и парки закроются на карантин: когда решение вступит в силу

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The relevant Bulletin of the Association of police chiefs of the region were sent beforehand to the guards across the state. Already on 30 April, the caretakers of parks and beaches start closing locations.

The Governor took the decision after a lot of people violated the decree on the observance of quarantine at the weekend. In parks and on the beaches of southern California there was a large crowd of people and any kind of boundary was not even considered.

Previously, Newsom has focused on the fact that 100 beaches in the state recorded an excessive number of people. In particular, in the cities of orange and Ventura people EN masse came to the beach to escape the heat.

According to officials, on Newport beach in Orange at the weekend visited more than 90 thousand people who ignored the calls of the authorities to stay home for the quarantine period. Despite this, April 28, city Council voted to beaches remained open, but with the requirement of obligatory observance of distance between campers.

The mayor said orange County don Wagner opposed the tough decisions the Governor and announced that Newsom authorities to close all beaches in the state, but the decision was “not wise.”

“Health workers are constantly telling us about the importance of fresh air and sunlight in the fight against infectious diseases, including their usefulness for mental health,” said Wagener. “Moreover, the inhabitants of Orange still cooperated with the state of California and the district. But I fear that this over-reaction on the part of the state will undermine our common position and common efforts to combat this disease, which was based on relevant medical information.”

Despite the fact that representatives of local governments reported that visitors to the beaches to observe social distancing, Newsom said — the more violations, the longer the ban will last.

Earlier, on April 28 the Governor’s office announced the plan out of the quarantine. But Newsome said that now the situation is in the first stage and it’s gonna be weeks before schools open, shops and businesses.

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