In California are raids against ‘maternity tourism’: who are punished

Tuesday, March 3, while most Americans were busy with the presidential primaries in the Super Tuesday, Federal immigration agents conducted a RAID in southern California against alleged operators of the so-called “maternity tourism,” writes Fox News.

В Калифорнии проходят рейды против 'родильного туризма': кого наказывают

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According to the orange County Register, such companies may charge to pregnant women from other countries up to $50,000 for such services as accommodation, meals and transport to and from the doctor’s office and in the hospital.

One such company, which has been analysed is the JR Motel with 28 rooms. This former Motel orange is located approximately 30 miles (48, 28 km) Southeast of Los Angeles. The Motel was used as a camp or guest house for women from China.

Many pregnant women came here and lived for some time, and then left to give birth in a local hospital. Their children were immediately obtained American citizenship “by birth”. Automatic citizenship was granted to anyone born in the United States, as it is written in the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

However, the President of trump and other critics argue that some people have used the amendment is not intended, so they want to tighten the rules.

“We take this very seriously,” said trump journalists in August last year.

The JR Motel operates without appointment and without any indication that he is taking bookings from the public, reports the Register. But it has a children’s room, and it provides wheelchairs, daily meals for clients and transport to the doctor and back, the report said.

“It is clear that this is not a Motel,” said the Register, the Commissioner for planning of the city of David Vasquez.

At a public hearing on Monday, March 2, the day before the raids in the counties of Los Angeles, orange and San Bernardino planning Commission Orange voted unanimously to support the recommendation to revoke the license for the construction of the Motel, putting on alleged violations of zoning.

Louis lawyer who represents the owner of the Motel, said after the hearing that he hoped to conclude a deal with local officials. He said that not all women were from other countries.

“We also have local residents and members of their families,” said Lou in the Register.

After the raids on Tuesday, February 3, Federal immigration authorities said that did not make arrests and were not charged.




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