In California entered into force dozens of laws: what changes in the state of

Dozens of bills signed in California, will mean big changes for companies in some industries operating in the state.

В Калифорнии вступили в силу десятки законов: что изменится в штате

Photo: twitter/Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that on Saturday, October 12, he signed more than 70 bills and vetoed another 58. The new laws cover a wide range of issues, from healthcare to school Lunches and stations for charging electric vehicles, says Fox Business.

Newsom called the state a “leader” in such matters as promoting animal care and the abandonment of fossil fuels. The Governor added that the bills “will bring the intention into effect.”

В Калифорнии вступили в силу десятки законов: что изменится в штате

Photo: twitter/Gavin Newsom

Here is the part of those who are affected by new laws:

Fossil fuels

6 of the bills relate to fossil fuel and environmental protection. State organizations will not be allowed to provide land for new infrastructure associated with the oil or gas on Federal protected areas. Operators of oil and gas wells will be required to provide cost estimates for the plugging and decommissioning of wells and decommissioning of production facilities.

“These reforms and the new leadership will enhance the security of existing oil wells, preorienting division of the geological energy of the state, to better reflect the health of the population and to fight the efforts of the administration to trump on expanding oil production in California,” said Newsom in the press release.


Several bills signed by the Governor, will affect business associated with marijuana. According to one of them, in addition to the required labeling of cannabis will need to create a universal symbol for the packing of cartridges with cannabis. Another bill adds stricter rules for labelling of origin of cannabis to prevent the use of names of cannabis, which can introduce consumer confusion regarding the type of marijuana.

Businesses and people working in the industry will be able to deduct expenses for the business that is not currently allowed under Federal law. The bill applies only to the next five years.

Care for the animals

Selling clothes, bags and shoes from animals will be prohibited from 2023. It is also prohibited to sell the skins of alligator, crocodile, lizard, Hippo, and Cayman. Another bill prohibits the use in circuses bears, tigers, elephants, monkeys and other wild animals.

В Калифорнии вступили в силу десятки законов: что изменится в штате

Photo: twitter/Gavin Newsom

“We declare to the world that beautiful wild animals such as bears and tigers, there is no place on the ropes-trapeze or jumping through fire — said Newsome. Just look at YouTube videos on how these animals are often left without mothers in childhood, are trained to do dangerous stunts. This is very troubling.”


The firearms bill expands existing laws on possession of weapons and requires owners to keep weapons away from children’s hands. Anyone who is convicted of a violation of these rules will lose their right to own firearms for 10 years. The bill was given a course after Newsom also issued new rules on the sale of weapons.


One of the bills strengthens protections for homeowners, requiring that the insurers sent notice of no renewal 75 days prior to the expiration of the term of the policy — compared with the current 45 days. The bill also requires that insurers renew existing policy for up to 75 days without change from the date when the notification was delivered or received by mail. It also increases the limit of insurance requirements of homeowners covered by the California insurance guarantee Association, with 500 000 to 1 million dollars.

In his statement, Newsom expressed hope that the law will affect the growth of the number of renewals of the insurance policies of homeowners, but the Governor wants lawmakers have taken additional steps next year.