In California, Florida, and Texas beat the record of the daily mortality from COVID-19

The crisis in the country associated with coronavirus infection, not only deepens but becomes more deadly. The three largest States — California, Florida and Texas reported the largest daily numbers of deaths from the beginning of the pandemic. Currently 41 staff reported an increase in the average number of new cases compared to two weeks earlier, writes CBS News.

В Калифорнии, Флориде и Техасе побит рекорд суточной смертности от COVID-19

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Wednesday, July 8, in California, it was 149 deaths, the highest daily number since the beginning of the pandemic.

“People are very mistaken, considering that no one dies,” said Governor Gavin Newsom at his briefing Thursday, July 9.

The main infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that the most affected States of the country should consider suspending plans for the resumption of work of the enterprises. More than 3 million cases of coronavirus was recorded in the United States, and about 133 000 people died across the country.

Florida reopens Walt Disney World. In the County in which is located an amusement Park, an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus infection by 130% in the last 14 days. Despite this, on Saturday, July 11, the Park will open to: holders of annual passes got the first permission for entrance, but the magic will never be the same. At the entrance will check the temperature, guests are required to wear masks and observe social distance.

Dr. Terry will Adirim, Dean of the Atlantic University in Florida, expressed concern that the theme Park will re-open.

“I think that is like pouring gasoline on the fire, — said Adirim CBS News. — I don’t think it will help us to reduce the incidence of infection. Likely to be the opposite.”

Governor Ron De Santis said residents should take precautions.

“No need to panic and no need to fear,” he said.

In Arizona, where approximately 1 out of every 4 tests are currently yielding positive results, the queue for testing the stretch of a few blocks and runs out of consumables. Platforms for testing in Phoenix are crowded, long queue of people is still before sunrise. The number of samples overloads the laboratory, leading to delays in receiving results.

“If you’re going to carry out contact tracing and get the results in 5-7 days, for such tracking may be too late,” said Fauci Wednesday, July 8.

“I think we need to force the States to suspend the discovery process, he said. To try to mitigate what didn’t work.”

In Texas also reported a new high with 98 deaths on Wednesday, July 8, and new cases continue to rise across the state.

Nurses “strike group”, which for several months he worked with the sick in new York, are now in Texas. Statewide, the number of cases continues to grow at an alarming rate — almost 10 000 cases per day, and the doctors asking for help.

Only in Texas was more than 220 000 cases, and the Latin American community suffered the most: it accounts for almost 29% of deaths in the state.

Emergency room nurses, like Jessica Montemayor and sandy Ramirez, whom was interviewed by the CBS News correspondents, worried that people don’t take the threat seriously.

“Everybody always wants to get together,’ said Ramirez. They think: “It’s just my family, I can be one, catch”.

The nation’s aspiration to smooth out the growth curve of the disease — an uphill battle. Across the country, an increasing number of cases COVID-19, which sharply contrasts with the downward trend in new York, and the gap continues to widen.

However, officials in new York are not at risk. Thursday, July 9, the mayor of new York bill de Blasio stated that it prohibits all large meetings until the end of September. The balance between discovery health and public security remained thin.

The situation with the virus is increasing its impact on the economy. Another 1.3 million Americans filed applications for unemployment benefits in the first week of July. Also Robert Redfield, the head of the Centers for disease control, supported the idea that his Department will change the rule of opening schools after Vice-President Mike Pence has offered to do it.




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