In California the attackers stole more than 100 Christmas gifts

The suspects are the thieves, stole the 108 parcels on the thresholds of the homes of California residents were arrested by the police in the chase, which ended in a car accident, writes Fox News.

В Калифорнии злоумышленники украли больше 100 рождественских подарков

Photo: Depositphotos

According to the authorities, on the morning before Christmas Monday, December 23, was discovered two suspects in the theft of parcels, which was 108 packs, and envelopes. They were detained after the vehicle overturned on the roadside, when they were harassed by the police.

The Sheriff’s office of Butte County responded to a call about 1:50 am: it was reported that the man takes items from mailboxes in the area of Durham, a rural area 80 miles North of Sacramento, said the Sheriff’s office on Tuesday.

Then the Sergeant “saw a vehicle traveling North, which looked similar to the description of the vehicle associated with the mail theft”, — told the police.

В Калифорнии злоумышленники украли больше 100 рождественских подарков

Photo: Butte County Sheriff’s Office

When the authorities began to pursue the vehicle, he “lost control and overturned on the North side of the roadway,” the statement said.

The Sheriff’s office discovered “108 packages and envelopes addressed to approximately 56 people at 37 different locations”, and “methamphetamine and a wallet containing several cards of the type “gift/prepaid” and hundreds of dollars in cash”, — stated in the message.

The driver was identified as 41-year-old Jeremy Blumlein of Chico; his passenger was identified as 26-year-old Breanna Mayer from Magalia, police said. Both were not injured.

Blumlein and Meyer was arrested on charges of identity theft, mail theft and violation of parole; Blumlein also accused of avoiding prosecution and possession of a controlled substance, said Sheriff’s office.