In California, the passenger opened fire in a bus: one person was killed, 5 wounded

According to reports of officials, one woman died and five people were injured after a passenger opened fire in a public Greyhound bus, heading North from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It happened on the night of 3 February, writes Fox News.

В Калифорнии пассажир открыл стрельбу в рейсовом автобусе: один человек погиб, 5 ранены

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1:27 in the morning, Pacific time police responded to several 911 calls regarding the shooting at the Greyhound bus, which was traveling North on highway 5 near the village of grapevine, about 80 miles (130 km) North of Los Angeles.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Others were rushed to local hospitals. One of the five injured were taken to hospital by helicopter, announced by the Sergeant California Highway patrol California Brian Pennings at a press conference. A male suspect was taken into custody.

The motive of the shooter, it turns out. The names of the suspect and victim has not officially reported.

“The bus driver somehow managed to remove the arrow from the flight and leave it on the side of the highway, where he was arrested without incident,” said Pennings.

Leaving the arrow in the middle of the road, the driver continued to move to the next station and drove to the Parking lot of the gas station.

Pennings said on Board the bus was “significant” number of people. Witnesses and the suspect was interrogated.

“We are grateful that the bus driver acted quickly,” said Pennings.

The Sheriff’s office Kern County and fire Department also responded to the incident.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by today’s incident. We are collecting details and we will do everything to help the police Kern County during their investigation,” — said the representatives of the Greyhound.

News service reported that the bus remains within a police cordon at a gas station Bakersfield. The California Highway patrol said that the situation is stable and no further threats.

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