In California, the season began in rattlesnakes: how to behave when meeting a reptile

Every year, when spring temperature begins to rise from their hiding places crawling rattlesnakes. Their season officially started throughout California, and this means that you may face with this creature during a walk in the fresh air, writes Only in Your State.

В Калифорнии начался сезон гремучих змей: как себя вести при встрече с рептилией

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You probably want to know how to behave in case of meeting with them. Be sure to read the recommendations before heading out for a walk. To meet a snake in all habitat types throughout California, from the coast to the desert and even your own backyard. Although rattlesnakes are generally not aggressive, you should still take care to avoid these venomous creatures.

Rattlesnakes usually emerge from their shelters in may and their appearance is not limited only to rural areas. They can also be found in urban areas, particularly on the banks of rivers, in lake parks and Golf courses. However, don’t let thoughts about a potential encounter with a rattlesnake to scare you away from enjoying the nature of Northern California.

As the old saying goes: “They fear you more than you them.” It is known that rattlesnakes retreat, if not to provoke and threaten. It is important to remain calm and give them room for retreat, if you meet one of them on the trail.

The majority of rattlesnake bites occur when the snake is exposed to physical disturbance or accidental human touch. That’s why it’s so important to wear sturdy shoes and loose pants when inspecting the area where there might be rattlesnakes, especially at the intersection of shrubs or overgrown landscapes.

In California there are 7 types of rattlesnakes. A simple way to identify any rattlesnake, no matter what its form, is the spotted pattern on the back and a rattle on end of tail. Keep in mind that young snakes may not have rattles, and rattlesnakes do not always use their rattle to warn the victim before striking.

Rattlesnake bites are uncommon, but if you or someone in your family was bitten, you need to act quickly. It is best to remain calm and reach the nearest health facility. Never apply a tourniquet, do not stone the wound with ice, do not cut the wound, do not suck the venom with your mouth.

Meeting with pit Viper — part of the fresh air. In the end, we’re the ones invading their territory. Stay away from these creatures, and you should have no problem.


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