In California, the ship experienced a fire: dozens injured

According to representatives of the U.S. Navy, as a result of the explosion and fire on Board the ship at the naval base of the USA in San Diego (CA) injured 21 people. This writes CNN.

В Калифорнии на корабле произошел пожар: десятки пострадавших

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“Seventeen sailors and four civilians were injured, not life-threatening”, — reads the statement of the US Navy.

Sailors on USS Bonhomme Richard received “minor injuries” as a result of the fire and was taken to hospital, said Lieutenant Patricia Kreuzberger.

The sailors are in stable condition, told reporters on Sunday, 12 July, rear Admiral Philip Sobek.

All crew members got off the ship.

According to Monica Munoz of the Fire Department of San Diego (SDFD), firefighters battled three blazes fire on the ship.

Sunday afternoon on the ship were still two fire crews, said chief Federal fire Department San Diego Rob Bondurant.

“The fire Department returned to their crews on the ship along with the fire teams of the US Navy on the waterfront,” said Bundrant.

“The sailors on the promenade doing a great job,’ said Sobek. — They save your ship. We see incredible results.”

It is unclear what started the fire. According to Sobek, when I first reported the fire on Sunday, July 12 morning, the fire was in the lower area for storage of vehicles “on a huge open area where a lot of marine equipment and everything else”.

According to him, around the ship security zone is set.

It’s unclear what caused the fire. In the initial reports indicated that it could be “reverse” or excess pressure, when the compartment began to heat up.

В Калифорнии на корабле произошел пожар: десятки пострадавших

Screenshot: Twitter/@SDFD

According to Sobek, the ship is about a million gallons of fuel. Ship could burn for several days, “down to the waterline,” said fire chief San Diego Colin Stowell.

Sobek, however, said that the ship will probably be saved.

“We will make sure that the ship could swim,” he said.

“He was under repair, said Sobek. — So we just go back to what it was previously.”

According to Stowell, when the crew left the ship, the explosion occurred. Other ships away from the burning vessel.

The head of the Department of defense mark Esper has been informed of the situation. The crew asked for help the fire Department in San Diego at about 09:00 local time. A second alarm was filed at 09:09 and the third at 09:51.

USS Bonhomme Richard assault ship amphibious. At the time of the fire onboard there were 160 people, the ship, with a capacity of 1,000 people carried out maintenance.