In California, utilities are forced to cut nearly a million homes from the electricity to save the forests and cities of the state from wildfires (PHOTOS)

В Калифорнии энергокомпании принудительно отключили около миллиона домов от электричества, чтобы спасти леса и города штата от пожаров (ФОТО)

The power company Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), which serves California, reported on its website on forced outage from the power grid 800 thousand houses in the state.

The cause of the outage at PG&E called the weather: meteorologists predict that in the 34 districts of the state will be dry air and strong wind (15-22 m/s). Under these conditions, fires can start from a tree falling on wires of power transmission lines and then quickly spread.

That is disabling hundreds of thousands of houses taken for the sake of the forests.

As stated in the press release, which quotes TV company RTVI, the first phase of a power outage took place at midnight local time and touched about 513 million homes. The second wave of outages 234 thousand houses started at noon, and then from the network will disable and about 42 million homes in the South of the state. Electricity would be a few days.

In several districts of the state schools and universities canceled classes at the time of the outage. Local services had to use generators to support the work of pumping stations to keep the lighting and ventilation in tunnels.

In addition, the outages also warned the company South California Edison (SCE), which serves southern California. Electricity may be turned off in 173 houses thousands of SCE customers.

As recalled by the broadcaster, that the power company PG&E considered responsible for the fire Camp, which at the end of 2018 almost completely burned the town of Paradise with a population of 26 thousand people. In June 2019, the company was ordered to pay a fine of $1 billion, NBC described the fires that raged at the end of 2019 in California, “the deadliest” in the history of the state.