In California, wildfires destroyed dozens of homes (PHOTO, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

В Калифорнии природные пожары уничтожили десятки домов (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

In California the second time in a month there is a warning for extreme fire danger. In some areas the wind gusts reaching 113 km/h While maintaining very dry weather. On the eve of the energy companies to prevent fires due to breakages of the wires had disconnected from the power supply over 200 million homes.

However the taken measures have not helped to avoid fires. It was the accident at the power lines is considered a major cause of fire Fire Kincade in SONOMA County. Its area in the town of Geyserville more than 4 thousand hectares.

The fire destroyed at least 49 buildings. 2 evacuated thousands of residents, according to Stormnews with reference to the channel CBS SF.

In the southern half of the state’s wildfires fanned the wind of Santa Ana with gusts up to 105 km/h. at First the most difficult situation was in the district of San Bernadino. Fire Old Water Fire approached a residential area, which residents of dozens of homes were evacuated. Currently, the threat had passed, they were allowed to return to their homes, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Then grew the fire Tick Fire near the city of Santa CLARITA County of Los Angeles. Its area exceeds one thousand acres. There are burnt and damaged homes, evacuated residents. Information about victims did not arrive yet.

The first time this month warning of extreme fire danger in California operated from 9 to 12 October. Then the power company cut off electricity supply to about 800 million homes. There have been several major fires, which killed 3 people – burned mobile home Park in the town of Calimesa riverside County and dozens of houses in the suburbs of Los Angeles porter ranch, Granada hills and Oakridge-estates.

In the beginning of this week suffered city Pacific Palisades County Los Angeles and San Bernardino in the same district. Destroyed and damaged several houses. Wounds and smoke inhalation received at least 7 people.

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