In California will pay unemployment benefits to those who do not have the rights.

Unemployment, now in crisis COVID-19 available for self-employed California residents and other categories of people who traditionally are not eligible for assistance from state or state, reports KTLA.

В Калифорнии будут платить пособия по безработице тем, кто не имеет на них права

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Employees in California that are typically not eligible for unemployment benefits can now apply for financial assistance if they are affected by the crisis COVID-19, reported the official representative of the state on Monday, April 27.

The head of the Department of labor of the state of California Julie su announced Live on Facebook on the program of assistance in a pandemic unemployment (PUA), in accordance with which began to accept applications from people who are traditionally not eligible for unemployment benefits.

According to su, the program PUA is designed for those who are self-employed, business owners, independent workers, freelance workers, individuals with limited work experience and those who have exhausted their insurance benefits and unemployment benefits. If you’re a freelancer, this handy guide is for you.

“We’re going to pay the minimum amount automatically, then you will have time to confirm whether you had income; you can justify a higher income, which would justify exceeding the minimum amount of $167 per week in the framework of assistance in a pandemic unemployment, explained su. — As soon as you do, we will pay this greater amount retroactively.”

Those who meet the criteria will receive $167 a week plus $600 for each week from 29 March to 25 July.

Benefits PUA in effect for 39 weeks and expire at the end of December. Su said that the information on the PUA was not yet available.

Candidates will be asked to self-declare your income for the year 2019. Su asked applicants to be patient about the process and said that in the process there are changes and improvements that will help with the overwhelming number of applications.

“Over the past four weeks during a pandemic coronavirus CA has received and processed more requests than in all of 2019, said su. I called the call centre to assess where we are and what we need to do better.”

April 27 call centre of the Department of employment, began work in the new expanded 12-hour mode: staff take calls and handle application from 8:00 to 20:00.

For more information about PUA or to apply online, visit



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