In Canada, decided the fate of the son of the couple of Russian spies

The Supreme court of Canada has decided not to revoke the citizenship of Alexander Vavilov, one of two sons deported from the United States in 2010, Russian spy Andrey Bezrukov, who lived in America under the name Donald Howard Heathfield and now, according to the media, working in the company “Rosneft”, BBC reports.

В Канаде решили судьбу сына четы российских шпионов

Elena and her husband. Photo from personal archive of Elena Vavilova

In the case of Vavilov’s brother, Timothy, the court has not yet ruled.

The decision in favor of Vavilov was the end of a long litigation. Vavilov was born in 1994 in Toronto and got canadian passport as the child of natives of Canada Tracey Ann Foley and Donald Heathfield.

However, in 2010 it appeared that parents Vavilov — not natives of Canada, and members of the Russian intelligence. In June 2010, ten Russian spies, illegal immigrants (including later well-known TV presenter Anna Chapman) was arrested by us intelligence agencies.

Among the scouts were the parents of Alexander. Tracy Ann Foley was Elena Vavilova S., Donald Heathfield — Andrey Bezrukov. In December 2010, member of the Board of Directors of “Rosneft” Eduard khudainatov confirmed that Bezrukov has been working in this company.

Son of the couple found out that his parents are Russian spies, simultaneously with the world. He was only 16 years old. Then he learned that Foley — not his real name.

At least from this came the Supreme court decision.

Spy kids and alert the Registrar

In 2010, the brothers Vavilov traveled to Europe with a stop in Russia on a tourist visa. However, to leave Russia to them was only eight years old.

В Канаде решили судьбу сына четы российских шпионов

Elena with children in Los Angeles. Photo from personal archive of Elena Vavilova

Shortly after their departure from US their parents were deported in exchange for four Russians convicted in the homeland for espionage. It was the scientist Igor Sutyagin and former security officials, Sergei Skripal, Alexander Zaporozhsky and Gennady Vasilenko.

In the few interviews Alexander Vavilov said that it is difficult to adapt to the Russian reality, and Canada is his only place where he and his brother feel at home. Alexander came to the old name, Timothy was Timothy.

Vavilov tried twice to renew your canadian passport through the Embassy in Moscow. Twice he was denied, despite the fact that he had provided all necessary documents. Last time this happened was in 2012. Final judicial decisions on cases concerning the citizenship of the host Agency for the registration of citizens.

In may last year the canadian government started the procedure of revocation of citizenship Vavilov, but failed. Under canadian law, citizenship is given to every child born in the territory of Canada, except, for example, children of foreign diplomats.

В Канаде решили судьбу сына четы российских шпионов

Elena and her husband. Photo from personal archive of Elena Vavilova

In the registration service, said that the child of a spy and a child of a diplomat from a legal point of view, one and the same. Children Vavilov, though born in Canada, came under the legislative exception, and because citizenship does not get stated in the registration service.

After that, the Vavilov appealed to the court. The lawsuit lasted six years, but in April 2018 23-year-old Alex Vavilov returned to Toronto with a canadian passport.

The court of Ottawa took his side, and the government appealed to the higher instance — the Supreme court.

On Thursday, the nationality of Alex Vavilov was finally confirmed. The fact his brother is in court pending

The story exposed the scouts formed the basis of the cult TV series “the Americans” (The Americans), but what actually was done by employees of the Russian intelligence during the long decades of living in the United States, kept secret until now. The recently released book one of ten of the arrested Russians, Colonel SVR in resignation Elena Vavilova “a Woman who knows how to keep secrets” slightly opens a veil of privacy. Elena admits: although many of the moments described in the book are fictitious or deliberately changed, the essence of the story, and most importantly, her personal experiences described in the autobiographical.

About how it was difficult to combine a normal life with the unusual, features of the preparation of scouts and tactical espionage operations, Elena Vavilova has told in exclusive interview ForumDaily.