In Canada there was the bloody shooting for 30 years: killed 16 people

In the shooting in the canadian province of Nova Scotia, killing at least 16 people, including a police officer, BBC reports.

В Канаде произошла самая кровавая cтрельба за 30 лет: погибли 16 человек

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The suspect in the attack is killed; it is reported that he dressed in police uniforms and traveled by car, which looked like a COP.

The attack began in the small coastal town of Portapak on Saturday, when the police began to receive reports of shooting in one of the houses.

“When the place of the police arrived, they found multiple victims in the house and around it,” — said the representative of the Nova Scotia police Chris leather. Several buildings in town caught fire.

The police tried to disarm the attacker within 12 hours. Local residents were advised not to leave their homes.

It is reported that the shooter was moving between several localities in Nova Scotia, so the exact number of victims of the attack is not yet established.

Local police announced on Twitter that the attack is suspected 51-year-old man named Gabriel Wortman. He was not a police officer, but was in uniform and went to the car that resembled a police.

“The difference between his car and cars of the Royal canadian mounted police is the registration number. The number of the car the suspect — 28B11, it is located under the rear passenger window. If you see the number 28B11, call 911”, — stated in the message of the canadian police.

В Канаде произошла самая кровавая cтрельба за 30 лет: погибли 16 человек

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“Senseless act of violence”

The Prime Minister of Canada called the attack “appalling situation”, the head of the government of Nova Scotia Stephen McNeil said that it was “one of the most senseless acts of violence in the history of our province.”

The head of the canadian police Brand Lucky said si-bi-si, that during the confrontation the police exchanged fire with the suspect.

According to Lucky, the incident is not considered as a terrorist attack, and police are continuing to investigate the motives of the suspect. She added that at the beginning of the attack he may have been a specific motive, but then his actions “became disorderly”.

During the attack, was killed by constable Heidi Stevenson, who worked in the police for 23 years.

“Heidi did their duty and lost their lives, protecting those she served,” wrote the representative of the Nova Scotia police Lee Bergman.

В Канаде произошла самая кровавая cтрельба за 30 лет: погибли 16 человек

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In Canada such incidents occur relatively infrequently. In this country much harder to buy a firearm than in the neighboring United States.

The current attack was one of the bloodiest in the history of Canada.

The previous attack with a comparable number of casualties occurred in Quebec in 1989. Then an armed man broke into the University of Montreal and shot 14 women.




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