In Chile the death toll during the riots has reached 19 people (PHOTO)

В Чили число погибших во время беспорядков достигло 19 человек (ФОТО)

The death toll in the беспорядковd Chile last week reached 19 people. The last to date, the victim was a citizen of Peru, died in hospital on Friday, reports TASS with reference to the Spanish Agency EFE.

The Peruvian received a gunshot wound a few days ago during the attack on the shop in the South of Santiago. Earlier, the authorities of the South American country reported the deaths of two Colombian citizens, one Peruvian and one Ecuadorian.

The protests developed into riots, looting, vandalism and clashes with police began in Santiago on October 14, after authorities decided to raise the fare on the subway. Later the unrest spread from the capital to other cities.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera declared a state of emergency in the capital and several other towns and decided to cancel the rise in prices for journey in public transport.

On Tuesday, the head of state announced the introduction of new measures of social support of the population, including the increase in pensions and the reduction in electricity tariffs. For their implementation it is planned to spend 1.2 billion dollars.