In China a new outbreak of coronavirus: 108 million people under quarantine

In Northwest China a new outbreak COVID-19. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, authorities imposed a quarantine on the territory with a population of 108 million people. This writes ZN.

В Китае зафиксирована новая вспышка коронавируса: 108 млн человек на карантине

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Quarantine restrictions from 18 may operate in the provinces of Jilin and Liaoning. The center of a new outbreak called the city of Shulan and Jilin administrative center of the homonymous province.

Chinese authorities admit that the coronavirus in the region could put the people who returned from Russia: Jilin province shares borders with Primorsky Krai of the Russian Federation.

In cities on quarantine has restricted the movement of public transport, closed the entrances and exits of the city, and the inhabitants were forbidden to leave their homes without permission. In Solana fired six officials, including the head of the city Committee of the Communist party of China.

Cases of infection with coronavirus in Jilin was recorded two weeks ago. According to the may 18, COVID-19 was diagnosed with 34 residents of Jimma. In the neighboring Liaoning revealed three infected.

Dr. Zhong Nanshan, a senior medical Advisor of the Chinese government, on the eve confirmed the existence of a threat of the second wave of the pandemic, as the majority of Chinese people have no immunity to the coronavirus.

May 3, intelligence US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada issued a joint report, which referred to the responsibility of China for the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Beijing officials concealed information that the coronavirus is transmitted from person to person, forbidden to hand over samples of SARS-CoV-2 Western virologists, repressed the doctors who tried to draw attention to a new disease.

The authors of the report did not come to a consensus about the place of origin of the pandemic. Australia believes that the virus began to spread from the wild animals market in Wuhan, the USA insist that it was leaking from the Institute of Virology.

The US President Donald trump said that has evidence of leakage of coronavirus. The white house has ordered intelligence agencies to investigate all reported cases of infection, satellite images and other data to set, hid China and who.

And U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo has accused the world health organization that it failed to cope with the taming of the pandemic. On 15 April the United States declared the termination of financing for who.

In turn, China declared that the coronavirus brought into the country from the territory of the United States.



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