In China found a fish with a human face

В Китае обнаружили рыбу с человеческим лицом

In China, the tourists took video of the fish with “human face”.

In China in one of the ponds close to Kunming city in Yunnan province, the tourists took video of the fish with “human face”. On 9 November reported the newspaper the Mirror informs

Woman who shot video, posted it on Chinese social network Weibo. The video became viral and appeared on other platforms, in particular, was published on the channel Any Articles in YouTube. The video shows how the fish swims to the shore and sticks his head out of the water. The skin is clear you can see the dark spots, resembling a human eye sockets, nostrils and a large mouth.

In the comments many users joking about the various versions of the origin of the fish, however some species of carp with a ‘face’ seriously scared. It turned out that it was a koi carp, or as it is called brocade carp. Fish of this species the spots are sometimes reminiscent of the features of a human face.