In China pigs grow in size with white

В Китае выращивают свиней размером с белых

On a farm in the deep South region of China there’s a pig that weighs as much as a polar bear. It is reported Bloomberg.

An animal weighing 500 kg is part of the herd, whose owner deliberately breeding more pigs. It is noted, in the slaughter some pig can sell for $1400, which is three times higher monthly income in the province of Guangxi, where is the farm.

The trend is not limited to small farms. Major meat producers in China claim that trying to increase the average weight of their pigs.

Thus in the country trying to solve the problem of shortage of pork, which originated due to African swine fever. According to some estimates, it has destroyed the herd of pigs twice. On the background of the arisen problem pork prices soared to record levels, forcing the government to encourage farmers to increase production to curb inflation.