In Colorado a man died from alcohol poisoning: the cause of death called coronavirus

The man from Colorado died from alcohol poisoning, but his death was classified as caused by a coronavirus. This could mean a distorted death toll from COVID-19 in the state. This writes writes Fox News.

В Колорадо мужчина умер от отравления алкоголем: причиной смерти назвали коронавирус

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35-year-old Sebastian yellow was found dead on may 4. The Montezuma County coroner George Divers later found that his death was due to acute alcohol poisoning. The alcohol content in his blood was 0,55. The legal limit in the state is 0.08.

But before Divers signed the death certificate, health staff of the state of Colorado has classified the man’s death as a result COVID-19.

In April health officials in Colorado have classified three deaths in nursing home deaths from COVID-19, although the doctors decided that they were not associated with a coronavirus.

Although yellow was a positive test result for COVID-19, Divers said that his death had no relation to the coronavirus.

“It wasn’t COVID, it was alcohol poisoning,’ said Divers. Yeah, he was COVID-19, but that’s not what was the cause of death.”

Department of public health and environment Colorado released a statement about how they klassificeret death related COVID-19.

“We classify the death as confirmed, when it was held a positive laboratory test for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and then the man died. We also classify some deaths as possible”, — said in a statement.

“The point is, there must be some epidemiological evidence of COVID-19, such as a combination of close contact with a confirmed case and symptoms COVID-19. We will also consider death as a death from COVID-19, when the death certificate indicated cause of death “COVID-19” — said in the Department.

Dr. Deborah birx, the coordinator of the response of the task force on coronavirus in the White house, stated that in April the Federal government klassificeret mortality of patients infected with the coronavirus, as the mortality from COVID-19, regardless of any health problems that could contribute to death.

“There are other countries that, if you had a previously existing condition and, say, a virus forced you to go to ICU, and then started having problems with heart or kidneys, she said. In some countries it is registered as a heart problem or a kidney, and not as the death of the COVID-19”.

Such cases of classification, like yellow, can mean that deaths from the virus are too high, although some believe that it is on the contrary underestimated.

During his speech Dr. Anthony Fauci said that false readings can be caused by the presence of people who died at home from the coronavirus, but was not counted in the overall statistics, because they never went to the hospital.

“I think you are right that this number is probably higher, said Fosi in response to the question of the Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders. — I don’t know exactly what the percentage is higher, but almost certainly higher.”






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