In Congo crashed An-72 with the staff of the presidential administration of the country. The crew were citizens of Russia. In Kinshasa there was a commotion (PHOTOS)

В Конго разбился Ан-72 с сотрудниками администрации президента страны. В экипаже были граждане России. В Киншасе начались волнения (ФОТО)

Military transport aircraft An-72 that went missing yesterday in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) crashed. As reported by Congolese radio with reference to the communiqué of the Directorate of civil aviation democratic Republic of the Congo on Board the plane were four crew members and civil and military, including members of the administration of the President of the DRC Felix tshisekedi, following his.

The liner, dependent on transport of administration of the President tshisekedi, following his, took off from the airport in Goma at 13:32 local time (14:32 GMT) on 10 October and was supposed to land in Kinshasa at 16:43 (18:43 MSK). But contact with him was lost after 59 minutes after departure. The plane disappeared from radar.

The identity of the passengers is not exactly known, according to military sources, among them is the personal driver of the President, members of his security service and support staff, reports TASS.

In turn, the Agency RIA “Novosti”
reports that among the crew members of the crashed An-72 could be the Russians. Their names are specified, said press attache of the Russian Embassy in the Congo country Natalia Kononova.

“We were in constant contact with the authorities of the DRC to determine the nationality of the pilots, and according to preliminary data found that among the crew members were Russian citizens, the names of at the moment yet,” she said.

Local sources said that the driver accompanied the President’s armored limo cost about 400 thousand dollars, which is now lost in the disaster.

Meanwhile in Kinshasa against the background of rumors about the assassination of President félix tshisekedi, following his in the crash of An-72 unrest began.

Activists of the “Union for democracy and social progress” (UDPS) demand the abolition of the coalition of the Union of the ruling party “a Common front for the Congo” (FCC) and “Cape town for a change in the Congo” (CACH). On Friday, October 11, at the demonstration of protest of thousands of people who believe that the tragedy with the cargo aircraft was the result of attempts to kill the President of the Congo.

Activists of the UDPS has put forward to President tshisekedi, following his ultimatum – for 48 hours it is necessary to put an end to the coalition FCC-CACH.

According to local newspaper Politico, the wreckage was found on the East of the country in the province of Maniema. The main cause of the crash of An-72 is called weather conditions.

In this African country has a lot of Russian pilots, who fly planes an-12, An-26, An-72 and others. Disaster with these planes occur almost every year.

In 2018, the government of the Congo confirmed the death of Russian citizens Ivan Masalova (1955), Alexandra Kretova (1954) and Evgenia Tarasova (born in 1959) who died in the crash of An-26 in December.

The level of safety of air transportation Democratic Republic of Congo, according to the European Commission, is in second place in the ranking of the most problematic countries in the world in national safety standards: none of the 21 airlines that have received certification from the authorities of the Republic, is not eligible in the sky over the EU.

The internal specifics of the Congo are, in particular, old aircraft and problems with the kerosene that sometimes you have to pour buckets.