In “Dances with stars z” will return the most popular member of the first season

В «Танці з зірками» вернется самый популярный участник первого сезона

Sunday, October 20, will be held the ninth live “Tanzu s with a stars” (“1+1”). The pair will take to the parquet flooring alongside the talented young dancers of the country, and celebrity participants will remember what they themselves were in childhood and will share with the audience their personal stories. To assess the performances will be updated in the jury: Catherine Kuchar, Vlad Yama and Francisco Gomez was joined by an outstanding choreographer and people’s artist of Ukraine, 89-year-old Gregory Chapkis.

Leading to balcony which will meet the stars after the shows will be comedian, member of the first season “Tanzu s with a stars” Yuri Tkach. And as a guest star on the show will be back MONATIK, who will perform his hit “Every time.”

Actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz will make on the floor the image of the legendary Mary Poppins and show a rousing quickstep. Demonstrate this style of dance and the most sexy couple of the project is Daniel Salem and Yulia sakhnevich, which will remind of the Christmas coming.

В «Танці з зірками» вернется самый популярный участник первого сезона

Daniel Salem and Yulia sakhnevich

Vladimir Ostapchuk and Ilona Gvozdeva will show Jive. Actress Ksenia Mishina and Jack the cat will dance the waltz, which she will dedicate to his son. Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar rebellious will perform the cha-cha-cha. Alex Yarovenko and Alain Shoptenko will dance contemporary. Olympic medal winner Anna Rizatdinova with Alexander Prokhorov depart from their usual roles, and “ignite” parket hip-hop under the track MONATIK “Love It the rhythm.”

В «Танці з зірками» вернется самый популярный участник первого сезона

Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar

Every broadcast all the more interesting to observe how the skills of our members, admitted the “FACTS” Vlad Yama. — The struggle becomes harder, and absolutely impossible to predict who this week leaves the parquet.

Since last Sunday, a couple who fall in the risk zone, will fight for the chance to stay in the project. They will demonstrate the dance that would become for them a surprise. The decision which of them will continue to have judges evaluating technical training pairs.

We will remind, the eighth broadcast of the show ended leaving a pair of actor Michael Kukulka and Lisa Druzhinina. They refused to dance “for life”. In an interview with “FACTS” Kukuk and Druzhinina told about the true reasons for leaving the project and called possible winners of this season “s Tancu with a stars”.

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