In defeat, Andrew Shire many blame Prime Minister Ford (PHOTOS)

В поражении Эндрю Шира многие винят премьера Форда (ФОТО)

During the campaign the liberals had a hard time, but the party, however, managed to win the election, and to a significant extent this victory they apparently have to “factor Doug Ford.”

As the leader of the Conservative party Andrew Scheer tried to distance himself from the Prime Minister of Ontario during the election campaign, but statistics show that the name Ford still managed to have a negative impact on the popularity of the party in the province.

Last night Justin Trudeau had the opportunity to form a minority government, but would he ever be able to achieve this without voters, formerly known as Ford Nation and the many attacks against the Ford throughout the campaign.

According to the data obtained in the Vote Compass, the application on the platform of the CBC to attract citizens to participate in public life, 51% of the more than 24,000 Ontarians who participated in the survey in the period from 11 to 15 October, said that they are much less likely to vote for conservatives in this election because of the policies of Doug Ford.

In the greater Toronto area, which has become a major field in the liberal-conservative battle, this trend was, perhaps, the main reason for the defeat of the latter. In the end the Shire was in the “red sea”, which flooded the whole 905, where the liberals won an overwhelming number of places including all places in Toronto.

After a few cuts funding for public health programs, education, child care and struggle with autism (among other things) that did not cause delight in the population and representatives of the affected areas, for anybody not news that the province was unhappy with Ford in the period leading up to the election campaign (the way he was booed at the parade in honor of Raptors, very clearly demonstrated this).

The Premier of Ontario tried to go public by decision of the Conservative party, which did all that it was obvious that they considered Ford a nuisance throughout the campaign.

The Trudeau strategy, which was to swing as a red rag by the name of the Prime Minister of the Ford during the election debate has been very fruitful, while Shire was trying not to think about it during the election campaign, and when he is in the campaign rode on, we talked more about the Alberta premiere of Jason Kenny, “forgetting” about Ford.