In Denmark, all citizens will pay almost $3 thousand

В Дании всем гражданам выплатят почти по $3 тысячи

The Danes will be able to spend the money on your own

All the authorities will spend more than $9 billion that will have to enroll in the national economy and contribute to its revival.

The Danish Parliament has approved providing direct financial assistance to households to overcome the effects of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. Not later than October working citizens will receive an average of 19 thousand CZK ($2,86 million), reports TASS on Monday, June 15.

It is noted that all the authorities will spend 60 billion kroons ($9,04 billion), which, according to the plans, will have to enroll in the national economy and contribute to its revival. The measure will be funded vacation benefits, which were frozen to working got them at retirement.

The specific amount for each person will determine the amount of benefits earned in the period from 1 September 2019 to August 2020.

Also, the Parliament adopted the decision on providing financial assistance and living on welfare and seniors: all of them will receive 1 thousand kroner ($151), this amount is not taxable.

“But we honestly have to say that it will not change radically the lives of people. It is support to have started rolling,” said Finance Minister Nikolai Wammen.

Due to the caused by a coronavirus restrictive measures Denmark’s economy has undergone this year, the biggest drop in all the time since the Second world war.

Earlier it was reported that the Japanese government has paid every resident of the country of 100 thousand yen (927 dollars) as a support against the background of the pandemic coronavirus. The final volume of injections into the Japanese economy exceeded $1 trillion.