In England, for a funeral of a local cat came hundreds of cats, dogs, ferrets and a donkey

В Англии на похороны местного кота пришли сотни кошек, собак, хорьков и ослик

In the Cathedral of the English city Or County of Cambridgeshire, held a memorial service for a cat named Garfield, reports the Daily Mirror.

Garfield lived in the local supermarket. Most of the day he lay on a sofa at the entrance and allowed customers to stroking himself. The cat was well known in the city and beyond. The Garfield page in Facebook was more than seven thousand subscribers from around the world.

In July, the cat got hit by a car in the Parking lot in front of the store. After his death in the Cathedral held a service in his honor. It came to about 450 animal lovers with their Pets. In addition to cats and dogs, Garfield commemorated Guinea pigs, ferrets, various birds and even a donkey, and to the priests of the Cathedral during the service was joined by a dog named gonzo.