In Estonia, the missing former head of the local branch of Danske Bank, through which laundered money from Russia (PHOTO)

В Эстонии пропал бывший глава местного отделения Danske Bank, через которое отмывались деньги из России (ФОТО)

In Estonia the police are looking for the former head of the local branch of Danske Bank Aivar the Reha. He went to 23 September in the morning from home in Pirita-of Kloostrimetsa. By words a press-the Secretary of police of Christian Lucca, close Aivars the Reha went to the police because we were unable to contact him. For searches brought dogs, drones and volunteers, the newspaper Postimees.

According to the operational head mihashi Prefecture Waldo Pitera, the police have reason to believe that the life and health of Ivar the Reha danger. This conclusion was made on the basis of its behavior: a 56-year-old former top Manager has gone missing in the area where he usually walks with the dog, but left home without a pet and did not bring the phone.

31 July 2018, the Estonian government attorney’s office was opened a criminal case against the Estonian branch of Danske Bank after the owner of Hermitage Capital William Browder filed a statement about the crime against 26 employees of the Estonian branch of the Bank. According to Browder, local Bank employees, led by Ivar the Reha has created conditions for large-scale money laundering and hid it.

In October, the Estonian government has decided to conduct its investigation of what happened in the Estonian branch of Danske Bank. And in November the Prosecutor’s office of Denmark presented the preliminary charges on four cases of violation of the rules on money laundering. All of them are connected with the Estonian branch of the Danish Bank. The Danish Bank is under investigation in the United States. Amid the scandal in September last year, the resignation of the head of the Bank Thomas Bergen. The former head of the Estonian branch of Ivar the Reha is not a suspect in the case.

At the end of the year in Estonia was arrested 10 former employees of the Bank who, according to investigators, “deliberately allowed the Bank’s customers to execute transactions related to money laundering”. It was reported that through the Estonian branch of the Danish Bank in 2007-2015 years was 201 billion euros of problematic origin. The number of transactions remains unknown. At this time, from 15 thousand closed today for Bank accounts under suspicion is not less than 6.2 thousand

“Grey” transactions were connected with business customers, non-residents, ceased operations. Among them are citizens of the UK, Finland, Russia, Denmark, and the representatives of 85 States. Among the 15 thousand non-residents 23% – citizens of the Russian Federation, and 12% from Latvia, 9% in Cyprus, 4% in the UK. In February of this year it became known that from-for scandal the Bank closes branches in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.