In Finland fined the politician threatened to burn the house of the ex-presidential candidate (PHOTO)

A former member of the National coalition party of Finland Tero Niskanen on Tuesday was fined by court for threatening to burn the house of the former candidate in presidents of the country from the “True Finns” Laura Muhtasari. This was reported by the Finnish news Agency (STT).

In March Niskanen called the emergency center in Pori, and said that he would go to the house Muhtasari and set fire to it. In fact, no such intent from him, as it turned out, was not. After the call, the politician was detained by police, reports TASS.

In the court of Satakunta region, the politician admitted his guilt and justify their actions by the fact that has so affected the election video of the “True Finns”, which was published before the parliamentary elections in April. Niskanen also told local media that before the call was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. He apologized for his words and left the party.
For the threat of arson the court sentenced Niskanen to a fine in the amount of 144 EUR.

Eurosceptic Laura Muhtasari in the presidential elections of 2018 took the third place with 6.9 percent of votes. She is convinced that soon the European Union will cease to exist, and Finland needs to leave. She also advocated that Finland came out of the Ottawa Treaty (prohibiting the use of anti-personnel mines) and the Paris agreement aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Huhtamaki also acts against the fact that Finland became a member of NATO. She supports the policy of U.S. President Donald trump and intends to reduce the flow of migrants.