In Florida arrested a recruited Russian citizen of Mexico

U.S. authorities in Miami (FL) has arrested a citizen of Mexico, who, according to them, was recruited by a representative of the Russian authorities to find a car, “a source in the government of the United States” and set its number, reported by the U.S. Department of justice, writes “Voice of America”.

Во Флориде арестовали завербованного Россией гражданина Мексики

Photo: Depositphotos

Hector Alejandro Cabrera Fuentes, residing in Singapore, was arrested on February 16 after arriving in Miami international airport where he was about to fly to Mexico with his wife.

The representative of the Russian authorities recruited him in 2019, at a meeting in Russia earlier in February, gave him a description of American government source, instructing him to find her and set her room, the Department said.

The report did not specify details about the source.

On 14 February, the pair pulled up to the house, where lives the source and the wife of Fuentes photographed the license plate of the car.

Photo license plate was found in her phone, when agents of the Customs and border service checked the phones for a couple at the airport.

“Fuentes admitted to law enforcement that he acted on the instructions of the official of the Russian government, when running this operation,” – said in a statement the U.S. Department of justice.

The Russian Embassy in Washington has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Fuentes was arrested on charges that he “acted on the territory of the United States in the interests of a foreign government (Russia) without notice to the attorney General and conspiracy for the same purpose”.

He must attend the hearings on his detention on 21 February, and a hearing on the charges against him is scheduled for March 3. Both meetings will be held in the magistrate’s court in Miami (FL).