In Florida during the funeral shooting occurred: is dead

Fo Florida shooting occurred after the funeral in the city of Riviera beach. As a result of fire 2 people were killed and 1 was injured. This writes NBC News.

Во Флориде во время похорон произошла стрельба: есть погибшие

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About the shooting near the city Church announced around 14:30.

15-year-old boy and a man was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman was hospitalized with injuries that are not life-threatening.

One of those killed was identified as 47-year-old Royce Freeman. The names of the other victims, the police did not disclose.

Authorities initially stated that there were four victims, but later it turned out that another wounded man was not involved with the incident at the funeral.

“This shooting was not a random act of violence — said in a statement to the police. Although the motive for the shooting is still under investigation, it is believed that this was the result of a dispute between the relatives of the deceased, whose funeral was held”.

The senior pastor of the Church, Tijuana D. Lupo, said the attack was near the Church, and it was attended by people who were present at the funeral.

“The family fight ensued, and in the midst of this fight shooting occurred, and unfortunately, people died,” he said.

He said that the Church authorities “knew very well about the possible violence,” and they had armed guards, but violence broke out “as soon as security was gone.”

He also said that the meeting mourns the loss of “two young black men due to a senseless shooting.”

According to the latest police still have not arrested anyone.