In Florida shopping Mall shooting occurred: there are wounded

Two people were injured in a shooting at the Mall, Nordstrom in Aventura (FL) on Friday, may 29. This writes NBCMiami.

Во Флориде в торговом центре произошла стрельба: есть раненые

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City police said the incident began with an argument between four people.

“Today’s incident was quickly resolved by security staff and police called to the Mall, which led to a quick arrest,” writes the police.

The scene was immediately arrested two suspects.

The video of the incident shows a lot of police at the scene with multiple ambulances. The group of people who, left the Mall, stood outside.

Во Флориде в торговом центре произошла стрельба: есть раненые

Screenshot: Twitter/@aventurapolice

Employees of emergency services confirmed that at the scene there were two wounded. Police said that one victim is in critical but stable condition, the other victim is also in stable condition.

City police said that the shopping center is now safe and other threats to society were not. According to police, on the scene it was discovered one firearm.

Other details are still unknown.