In Formula 1 canceled the Grand Prix of China-2020 (updated)

Federation of sports of Shanghai in an official statement, announced the cancellation of all major sporting events in the region.

In connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus canceled the fourth stage of the world championship in the class of machines Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix, which was held in Shanghai.

Meanwhile, the international automobile Federation (FIA) has not yet made an official statement. Earlier it was reported that in the environment of the Formula 1 team will have to discuss possible postponement or cancellation of the stage.

The Chinese Grand Prix at the International circuit in Shanghai was planned for 17-19 April.

Earlier, on Sunday the decision was made to transfer because of coronavirus for an indefinite period of Chinese stage in Formula E.

Update. This statement of the Federation of sports of Shanghai only applies to local companies, and the organization of the Grand Prix of China is a state company, but the organisation of the race is still under threat.