In France arrested the man who planned the attack and inspired by the events of 11 September (PHOTO)

Во Франции арестовали мужчину, планировавшего теракт и вдохновлявшегося  событиями 11 сентября (ФОТО)

Media reported that in September in France were arrested were preparing an attack man, “vdohnovlenie” the events of 11 September 2001 in new York, writes with reference to NV radio France Info. According to the head of the interior Ministry Christoph Costanera, the detainee was a plan to hijack the plane. Other details have not yet been reported.

According to sources, radio station, the man in question was arrested on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist organization. According to the interlocutor in police Agency France Télévisions, the defendant of not less than 30 years and he has French citizenship.

One of the sources also said that the police within three to four months, watched the activity of men in social networks, where, according to the source, he was looking for accomplices.

Recall that on 11 September 2001 in the US killed 2977 people. Then the attackers hijacked four passenger aircraft that crashed into the world trade center towers, the Pentagon and a fourth crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.