In France detained the second suspect on the case about the explosion in Lyon


Во Франции задержали второго подозреваемого по делу о взрыве в Лионе

The mayor of Lyon Gerard Collon reported on the arrest by police officers a second suspect on the case of explosion in the center of the city. Monday also managed to catch the alleged perpetrator of the crime, reports

We will remind that on Friday at the Victor Hugo detonated an improvised explosive device, which was left there by the unknown attacker. According to witnesses, a man on a Bicycle put a suspicious package near the bakery that exploded in a lively hour – 17:30 local time.

As a result, injured 13 people, including a child. Doctors say that at present their life is not in danger. Nearby were found two suspicious bags, but they were not dangerous objects.

Investigations revealed that the bomb was Packed with iron objects to inflict injury, including bolts, nails and nuts. The offender was shot by the surveillance cameras on Monday, he was arrested. His identity has not been disclosed but it is known that the bomber was a young man aged about 30 years.

Despite suspicions of a terrorist attack, no terrorist organization has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion.

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