In Germany, arrested a gang of Belarus, robbing trucks (PHOTO)

German law-enforcement authorities in cooperation with the French and Czech counterparts the Belarusian liquidated an organized criminal group engaged in theft of goods from trucks, reports TASS with reference to data of the European police Agency (Europol). The gang consisted of at least six citizens of Belarus.

“The aim of the group was the trucks in Parking lots and Parking areas along highways, – noted in the organization. Only in Lower Saxony attackers are suspected of having committed nearly 60 offences, but the total damage from their actions is greater than 500 thousand euros.”

The investigation against the group was launched in Germany in December 2018.

In its course through the exchange of information through Europol revealed that the intruders are responsible for several similar crimes in France. It also became clear that the gang members had specifically entered the territory of the European Union with the purpose of committing a crime.
In addition to several cars at their disposal, there were a few trucks for transportation of goods from the crime scene straight to other countries.

“Four members of the group, including the leader, were caught red-handed 10 Oct 2019 in Germany – said at Europol contributing to the exchange of information between the parties involved. During the arrest they confiscated the truck with a load of stolen TVs. The investigation continues”.