In Germany, the unknown opened fire near the synagogue: there are victims

At least two people were killed in an attack using firearms in the city of Halle in Eastern Germany.

В Германии неизвестные открыли стрельбу возле синагоги: есть жертвы

Photo: a video frame YouTube/now, this News

Police said that one of the suspects in the attack have been arrested, but other possible attackers could escape by car, BBC reports.

Witnesses reported that one of the attackers were in military camouflage and had a few weapons.

The newspaper Bild reported that the attack took place near the synagogue.

The leader of the Jewish community in Halle Max Privorotski told the magazine “Der Spiegel” that the attacker tried to enter the synagogue when there “was from 70 to 80 people.”

One of the witnesses said that the assailant, “dressed as a police officer… a fully armed” threw a gasoline bomb or a grenade at the Jewish cemetery.

The attack coincided with the celebration of a religious Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.

Another witness reported that the city striker opened fire on a Turkish diner-cabanas.

“A man walked up to the diner, threw something like a grenade, it exploded, and he opened fire with his assault rifle. The man behind me must have died… I hid in the bathroom,” the witness told German television.

The police asks residents of Galle and the nearby town of Landsberg to stay in their homes.