In Germany, the wasps helped the police to detain the criminal


В Германии осы помогли полицейским задержать преступника

Wasps helped the police in the German city of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony to detain the criminal who tried to escape. It is reported portal Presse Portal.

On the morning of 12 August, two policemen came to arrest 32-year-old man, to deliver him to prison. The man had to spend in prison for 11 months. When law enforcement officers appeared in the doorway of his apartment, located on the second floor of an apartment building, the man disappeared through the balcony. He jumped off the balcony and landed, most likely directly into a hornet’s nest.

The disturbed insects attacked the fugitive, and he shouted and waved from them. He then ran outside, where he was seized by the police.

But wasps began to sting law enforcement officers that distracted them and allowed the perpetrator to escape. He rushed in the front garden, where, escaping from the bites, dived into a children’s inflatable pool. There it twisted, and then taken to jail where the man was given medical assistance.

Police received six wasp stings each, they turned for help to the doctor.

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