In Germany there was a mass shooting: 9 dead

Nine people killed in a shooting in the town of Hanau, East of Frankfurt am main (Germany), informed the police of the state of Hesse. The attacker himself is also dead, next to him they found another body. As reported by the German authorities, there is reason to believe that the shooter was an extremist far-right views. About it writes BBC.

В Германии произошла массовая стрельба: 9 убитых

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What happened

In the night of Thursday, February 20, the shooting occurred in two Shisha cafes in Hanau. First, the unknown opened fire in a bar in the center of the city, and then fled in a car. Soon began to receive data about a shooting in a bar in the West of Hanau.

The majority of visitors hookah, as reported, were Kurds.

It was initially reported eight killed. One of the seriously injured people died later it was reported that five seriously injured.

Police launched a massive operation to find the attackers, and several hours later the suspect’s body was found without signs of life at his home in Hanau, police said Hesse.

According to law enforcement, the shooter killed himself at home after he fled the scene of the crime, writes Reuters.

Nearby was found the body of his mother, that is just diagnosed with 11 deaths.

In Hanau is home to around 90 thousand people.

What is known about the assailant

The interior Minister of Hesse, Peter Boytha said that the case is considered as a terrorist act. According to preliminary data, the motive of the shooter was xenophobia, said Bojt.

The suspect was a German citizen, who had a weapons permit and his car was discovered ammunition. He held right — wing views-it should of left them letters and videos.

“Investigation in the identity of the victims and the attacker continue,” — said in a statement to the police.

What is the reaction followed

“More terrible in the evening it is hard to imagine. We will have to deal with this, we will long remember it. I am deeply shocked,” said the mayor of Hanau Claus Kaminsky.

Bundestag Deputy from Hanau Katya Leukert said: “I Hope that the wounded will recover. It’s horrible for all of us”event.

“My thoughts are with the residents of Hanau, where there was a terrible crime,” wrote Twitter official of the government of Germany Steffen Seibert.

He also said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel because of the shooting in Hanau canceled a planned trip to Leopoldina (national Academy of Sciences) at Halle.

According to him, the Chancellor decided to stay at the office to continuously obtain new information about the events in Hanau.