In Greece found 41 illegal migrants hidden in a truck-the refrigerator (PHOTO)

В Греции нашли 41 нелегального мигранта, спрятанных в фуре-рефрижераторе (ФОТО)

The Greek police on Monday found 41 illegal migrants who were trying to smuggle to Europe in the truck-the refrigerator, reports “Interfax”.

As reported by the local police, all migrants, most of whom are Afghans, live. They all, including the driver of the truck, taken to the nearest police Department.

Greece in 2015 has become a kind of transit point for migration to Europe, the Agency said.

In October to London in a wagon were found the bodies of 39 refugees from Vietnam. Vietnamese authorities have started the investigation in its course had been arrested eight people suspected of establishing a business on the illegal smuggling of migrants. More than 20 people are wanted.